Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Henry Kissinger before the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

Do the shadows of “Operation Condor” seek the former U. S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger? With the knowledge of the U. S. government, tens of thousands political dissidents across Latin America were killed in the 1970s. John Dinges, author of the book “The Condor Years” writes about Kissinger’s role: “The US’ involvement is described as the green light, red light policy. Kissinger was in Santiago talking to Pinochet and the other leaders talking about human rights publicly – that’s the red light but privately giving them the green light by saying ‘Don’t worry too much about this, we support you’ … You can condemn the CIA all you want for its complicity but to say that the CIA had operational control of Operation Condor, there is simply not the evidence there.”

And Henry Kissinger said on October 5, 1976: “Look, our basic attitude is that we would like you to succeed. I have an old-fashioned view that friends ought to be supported. What is not understood in the United States is that you have a civil war. We read about human rights problems …” The extent of the U.S.'s role in the killing or disappearance of some 80,000 people has to brought to the open. Why are only the “small” criminals indicted in The Hague?