Sonntag, 6. September 2015

Edward Snowdon is free to leave Russia

 MP Hans-Christan Stroebele visited Edward Snowdon in Moscow.
In the city of Mölde/Norway, US whistleblower and political refugee Edward Snowdon was awarded the Björnson award for freedom of speech. Snowdon was switched on via the internet and slashed out at the increasing censorship of the internet by the Russian government, which he termed a "political mistake" and "fundamentally wrong". 

After Snowdon blew the whistle he was on the run from his own government that wants to indict him of espionage and treason under the "Espionage Act of 1917". According to this law, Snowdon can expect either the death penalty or a life sentence. Under these more than bleak outlook, Snowdon should present his criticism of his host country more moderately. 

Snowdon is not incarcerated in Russia, he can live a normal life but his own government doesn't allow it. Instead, he must live in the anonymity of the internet. If Snowdon wants to exchange his freedom in Russia against a dungeon in the US, he free to do so. Because the US government has declared his passport invalid, he should apply to the Russian Government a Laissez Passer, with which he can travel to any country of his choice, in order to apply for asylum.

Snowdon should come on this travel document to Germany and apply for asylum like hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees do. They all have to fear for their bare lives, Snowdon, however, laments censorship of the internet, where he spends his virtual life. Indeed, the Snowdon case seems even worse because a democratic government seeks to take his life. 

Edward Snowdon should take the chance to come to Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel can't dare to extradite him to a country where he faces the death penalty. Before US President Obama leaves the office he should not only pardon Edward Snowdon but also Chelsea Manning.

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