Samstag, 26. Dezember 2015

Ukraine: "The most Blatant Coup in History"

A totally corrupt Nazi-like regime "governs" Ukraine.
People in the West do not believe the lies about the so-called revolution that took place in the Ukraine in February 2014. When the West talks about freedom and democracy they mean regime change or blatantly speaking a coup. None other than the founder of "Stratfor", a shadow CIA firm, George Friedman called the "revolution" in Ukraine "the most blatant coup in history". This statement contradicts everything members of the U.S. and European political class and their lackeys in the media are telling a manipulated public. Friedman sees Europe as destined for conflict

The U.S. government regards Russia a threat to the U.S. expansionism. The coup was also instigated in order to antagonize Germany from Russia. "The United States considers the most dangerous potential alliance to be between Russia and Germany. This would be an alliance of German technology and capital with Russian natural and human resources", said Friedman. And he continued saying: "The bottom line is that the strategic interests of the United States are to prevent Russia from becoming a hegemon. And the strategic interests of Russia are not to allow the US close to its borders." Although his think tank is supported by his paymaster, Friedman had the guts calling the "overthrow in Ukraine (...) a coup aimed against Russia", although the U.S. government thinks otherwise. 

Right now, Ukraine is run by a bunch of thugs. The country is riddled with corruption. The Ukrainian people have no confidence in their U. S. imposed government; in fact, they loathe it as a Gallup poll from 23 December 2015 shows. Why do the Europeans still support this criminal Ukrainian gang that U.S. President Obama imposed against the will of the Ukrainian people, although it hurts fundamental European interests? To watch another glorious "revolutionary coup" instigated by the U.S. Empire.