Montag, 30. Januar 2017

President Trump banned the wrong Muslim States

They should be put on the Muslim-Ban List.
It's one of US President Donald Trump's most stupid decisions to put seven Muslim countries on a Muslim-ban list that are the real victims of terrorism inflicted upon them by the U. S., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, and Pakistan. Although the Washingtonian political class knows better, Trump has joined the neoconservative, Zionist and liberal interventionist crowd that created the enemy image of Iran, Syria and other states. These political forces are trying to prevent a new approach to the Middle East by the Trump administration. If the Trump administration continues to be so skittish, his government will be crushed between his numerous opponents in the US Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike. The fact that numerous ministers such as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have still not been confirmed by Congress should be an alarming sign. The majority of Congress wants to put his administration of the same collision course as his predecessor pursued towards Syria and Russia. Trump is already in a give and take-trap. If Trump is listening to these three Iranophobic heads of states in the future, the US is going to end up in a war with Iran, such a confrontation is exactly what Netanyahu has been calling for. These three constitute an unholy alliance of terrorism and should be put as the only ones on Trumps Muslim/Israel-ban list. Continue reading ...