Dienstag, 14. Mai 2019

Kushner's and Trump's "Deal of the Century" is a Netanyahu Blueprint

Trump surrounded by ardent Zionists.
This so-called Deal of the Century can be thrown in the dust bin right away. It was hammered out by American right-wing Zionists under the auspices of Netanyahu. There will be no Palestinian to sign this document of total surrender. Even the so-called Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas who signed the infamous Oslo Accords can't afford to sign such a document. Perhaps there is another quisling around who is willing to play Israel's and the US' stooge. 

How can a so-called honest broker present such a one-sided plan, which gives Israel everything and blackmails the oppressed Palestinian people with the indigestible leftovers? This deal is not only a cynical one, but it demonstrates to the world that these regimes despise not only international law but the rule of law in general.

Having followed the Middle Eastern conflict (http://www.watzal.com/f_pe.html) from the start of the trespassing of the Zionists until now, neither the tactics of the Zionists/Israelis nor the support of the US for this unjust endeavor has changed. Without the help and the enormous financial support of the different US administrations, especially after the June war of 1967, the silent colonization of Palestine could not have happened. The various US governments differenced only in their rhetorical degree in their unwavering support for Israel. But the Trump administration lost all inhibitions and backed the racist and Apartheid Israeli regime fully. The word of the current US government is not worth a cent. 

This so-called Deal of the Century is as dubious as the negotiations' between Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat and Bill Clinton were at Camp David on July 5, 2000. I published a resume of these shameful negotiations in the Neue Zurcher Zeitung (http://www.watzal.com/The_Myth_of_Camp_David.pdf), which showed how dishonest and one-sided Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak behaved. Arafat refused to sign this document of surrender saying that he had to kill himself if he would sign it. 

One should nothing expect from this bodged deal. It's a hopeless endeavor to bring peace to the Middle East; instead, it bears the seeds of a more massive conflict in the region. The coming showdown with Iran plays into this equation. After the US has destroyed Iran for the sake of Israel, the Abbas regime has to bite the bullet.

Montag, 13. Mai 2019

Yair Netanyahu teaches Heiko Maas a lesson

Little Netanyahu rebuked Maas!
Yair Netanyahu criticizes the German Foreign Minister actor Heiko Maas, who has joined the SPD because of Auschwitz. This kid, who has recently published an anti-Semitic cartoon, teaches Maas a lesson.
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the admission of Israel to the United Nations, Maas criticized Israel’s „one-sided treatment and exclusion“ as „painful and unsatisfactory.“ Nowhere and by no one should Israel’s security be called into question. Politically correct. But Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is too well informed about the foreign minister not to recognize the double standards that characterize him.
The following lesson sounds as if Benjamin Netanyahu dictated it to his son Yair: „It would be nice if you did not interfere in Israel’s internal affairs and stop financing hundreds of left-wing NGOs trying to destroy Israel. Take the hundreds of millions of euros you use for this to fund schools, hospitals, and churches in Germany. „
If Maas dares to tweet Yair an answer? One could interpret it as „anti-Semitism.“ Maas notice criticizing Israel is „anti-Semitism.“ With your statement, you have already fallen to your knees.

Montag, 6. Mai 2019

Haneen Zoabi gives deep insides into the reality of Israel

Haneen Zoabi lectures before the Institute of Palestine Studies. 
„The old will die, and the young will forget“ as David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, once said. Haneen Zoabi presented herself as the living counterexample. Zoabi focuses on Palestinians living in Israel which hold Israeli citizenship. She offered a quite astonishing inside view of „Israel’s democracy“.
Zoabi, born in Nazareth in 1969, belongs to the Arab minority in Israel. From 2009 till 2019 she was a member of the Israeli parliament. According to the new „Nationality Law,“ the 20 percent Arab minority is not supposed to exist. The law defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people in which only the Jews have the right of self-determination. The Arab minority can’t make use of such a right as the indigenous People of Palestine.
The speaker made clear how dramatic the transfer of power and wealth was after the establishment of the State of Israel. Before 1948 native Palestinians owned 83 percent of the land, today only 2.3 percent, although they make up 20 percent of the inhabitants of Israel. Having been a majority in Palestine, the expulsion of over 700,000 people in 1948 turned them into a minority living under a harsh military regime until 1966. 
Till that time, the Palestinians in Israel couldn’t assert their identity. Instead, they had to struggle for mere survival and had to work as cheap laborers. Those who fled from their villages during the war of 1948 but remained within the jurisdiction of the State of Israel were legally classified as “present Absentees”, a category used to justify the confiscation of their land. The Israeli military regime took their land for „public purposes,“ and distributed it to Jews only. The Israeli policy under military rule aimed not only at erasing their identity but also to replace them as a people. For example, most Palestinian villages were assigned Hebrew names.
For Zoabi, the granting of Israeli citizenship paradoxically meant weakening their identity and living at the margin of Israeli Jewish society.
The Israeli school system promotes the inferiority of the Arab population. It doesn’t allow the Palestinians to assert their Palestinian identity and history. Israel casts its discriminatory policies in a legislative garb. According to Zoabi, no less than 85 laws consecrate and maintain the privileges, the superiority, the discrimination, the racism, and a Jewish majority set in stone.
Zoabi demonstrates that the official slogan of Israel as „democratic and Jewish“ state is a contradiction in terms. If it is declared as a Jewish state, it cannot be democratic by excluding the substantial non-Jewish minority.  For her, Israelis are built for themselves a psychological and mental ghetto, and they truly believe that there are no Palestinian people. But, as she affirms: „We Palestinians are not immigrants or ghosts.“ When Israelis tell Zoabi that there are 20 odd Arab countries in which Palestinians can live, she tells them,“ and you [Jews] have 200 states”, to which you could return. Indeed, most Israelis [or their parents] came from every corner of the globe as immigrants to Palestine.  But she insisted that she could but she does not call for the expulsion of the Jews. She and Palestinians do accept to live with Israelis who came from abroad, though only on the basis of equality. She says that the Palestinians’ greatest weapon is the justice of their cause, that the world must recognize.
„When Israel will decolonize itself and the state, then we can live in a normal state.“  Zoabi is fighting courageously for Israel to abolish its discriminatory laws and become a true democracy. That is the main reason, she said, why Zionist parties have repeatedly attempted to lift her parliamentary immunity. Zoabi said that in the 1980s Israel was indeed a racist state. Today she designated the State of Israel as fascist.  While the term appears outrageous, the examples she gave about Israeli measures tend to vindicate that designation. Zoabi does not believe in the capacity of Israeli society to mend its ways. She calls on international pressure on Israel, including through the BDS campaign (boycott, divestment, and sanctions).

President Trump Close Guantanamo Prison Camp

Photo credits Andy Worthington.
Since the establishment of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay on January 11, 2002, 779 passed through this wild prison camp. Seven hundred twenty-nine had been released or transferred, one of them to the mainland where a court in New York City convicted him, and nine have died.
Forty men are still held at Guantanamo, although five the Obama administration recommended for release, which President Trump ignored since taking office in January 2017. President Trump released only the Saudi prisoner Ahmed al-Darbi to his murderous friend Mohammed bin Salman to finish his sentence in a Saudi dungeon.
Guantanamo is the greatest betrayal of American values. And should be closed at once. It’s an enduring thorn in the side of America’s credibility and its justice system. As long Guantanamo stays open, it will be a charged symbol to the world of prisoner abuses, disdain for international law and the rule of law in general, and American imperial power.

Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2019

CNN Heads South!

Fake News and hoax-producing media outlet CNN makes another turn for the worse in April. The viewers are running away in droves. They are fed up with the continued brainwashing of the American people by the Mueller hoax, which CNN is still hawking around with. Their panelists and pundits are so one-sided that the viewers turn away in anger. CNN presents the fiercest Trump-haters and only one token Trump-defender who is mostly wishy-washy. That's not journalism but propaganda Soviet-style but done very professionally.
In April, on an average 770,000 viewers watched during primetime their spins and rants. If CNN doesn't come to terms with its one-sided reporting, the audience figures will drop further. Perhaps CNN boss Jeff Zucker has to be also blamed under his directives the anchormen and -women have to work. CNN has no journalistic credibility.

Dienstag, 30. April 2019

Scott Morrison: Bring Julian Assange home!

The whole Assange affair was a conspiracy by the Swedes, the Brits, and the US Deep State to get an innocent journalist extradited to the US where he faces charges for having published a video showing heinous US military crimes. On top of it, he published tons of emails that showed how despicable US diplomacy behaves, and how US diplomats think about other heads of states.
Since the staged smearing campaign of alleged sexual misconduct by a Swedish prosecutor and the helping hand of the British justice system, Assange saw no alternative to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he lived in solitary confinement till recently until Ecuador revoked his status as a political refugee facing enormous pressure from the US government.
The question I’ve been asking since the affair evolved, was, why on earth the Australian government didn’t lift a finger to bring Assange home to Australia. It seems as if the Australian government couldn’t care less about his citizens. Or does the Australian government only US bidding? Are they afraid to rattle the US cage?

Freitag, 26. April 2019

Das Netzwerk der Neuen Rechten

Wer gemeint hat, „Lügenbaron“ und „Märchenerzähler“ Class Relotius sei ein Einzelfall, wird durch die beiden Autoren eines Besseren belehrt. Was die beiden sogenannten Investigativ-Reporter „Der Zeit“ in ihrem Pamphlet zusammengetragen haben, stellt jede Stasi-Denunziation und Verleumdung Andersdenkender in den Schatten. Ihr Haltungsjournalismus ist unterste Schublade.
Class Relotius, der mit Preisen überhäufte „Star-Reporter“ des „Sturmgeschützes der Lügenpresse“ sei ein Einzelfall, wie die Staats- und Konzernmedien der Öffentlichkeit weismachen wollen. Nein, Class Relotius ist überall. Dirk Gieselmann ist ein weiterer enttarnter „Lügenbaron“ und Haltungsjournalist, der für sogenannte Qualitätsmedien geschrieben hat. Nach Überprüfung seiner Texte stellte der Branchendienst Meedia fest, dass Gieselmann über ein gestörtes Verhältnis zur Wahrheit verfüge.
Seitdem politische Haltung das bestimmende Kriterium der Journaille geworden ist, geht es mit der Glaubwürdigkeit der Öffentlich-Rechtlichen Staatsmedien und den Konzernmedien steil bergab. Hanns-Joachim Friedrichs würde sich im Grabe herumdrehen, könnte er sehen, was aus der journalistischen Zunft geworden ist. Nach ihm solle sich ein Journalist selbst mit einer vermeintlich guten Sache nicht gemein machen!
Davon sind Fuchs und Middelhof meilenweit entfernt. Der „Kampf gegen Rechts“ ist zu einem boomenden Industriezweig geworden. Es ist ein staatliches Konjunkturprogramm, das Bücher und Studien produziert, die den Eindruck erwecken, als gäbe es in der BRD nur noch Rechte mit Ausnahme einiger weniger Erleuchteter, die sich in den Medien tummeln, deren Aufgabe es ist, die Menschen zu bekehren.
Beim Lesen könnte man den Eindruck gewinnen, der BRD stehe eine erneute „Machtübernahme“ der Neo-Nazis bevor. Der Klappentext macht betroffen, aber auch hellhörig, ob der enormen Leistung der Autoren. „Fast unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit ist ein neues und einflussreiches rechtes Netzwerk aus Stiftungen, Vereinen, Medien und Kampagnen-Plattformen in Deutschland herangewachsen. Seit Jahren spüren Christian Fuchs und Paul Middelhoff ihm nach: seinen öffentlichen Seiten und denen, die im Dunkeln liegen. Dieser Report enthüllt zum ersten Mal das ganze Ausmaß und die ganze Breite des Milieus – seine ideologischen Grundlagen, seine führenden Köpfe, seine wichtigen Zeitschriften, Verlage, Internet-Plattformen, Aktionsformen, Stiftungen, Finanziers, Kontakte zur AfD, internationalen Verbindungen und Anschlüsse an die gesellschaftliche Mitte.“
Die Staats- und Konzernmedien haben das Buch in den höchsten Tönen gelobt, was zeigt, dass ihnen die Maßstäbe eines kritischen Journalismus abhanden gekommen sind. Sie nehmen jeden politischen Blödsinn für bare Münze. Das Buch ist eine Anleitung zur Denunziation übelster Sorte. Wie in Stasi- oder Antifa-Manier werden Namen und Listen von „Rechten“ veröffentlicht, wohl in Kauf nehmend, dass sich wohl irgendwelche Schlägertrupps ihnen annahmen werden. Schade, dass kein Erich-Mielke-Preis für herausragende Denunziation mehr vergeben werden kann. Fuchs und Middelhoff wären Top-Kandidaten.
Die politische Gesinnung und Absicht dieser „Journalisten“ wird mehr als deutlich, wenn man Vera Lengsfelds Artikel liest. Sie gehört auch zu den unzähligen, die von diesen Autoren verleumdet worden sind. Diese Verleumdungen entpuppen sich jedoch als Fakten-frei. Wenn sich diese Manipulationen schon an einer Person festmachen lassen, was ist dann vom Rest dieses Machwerkes zu halten?
Das Buch ist freiheitsfeindlich, antidemokratisch und durchdrungen von einem Ungeist, der an längst vergangene Zeiten erinnert. Dass das Buch auf der Spiegel -Bestseller-Liste gelandet ist, überrascht nicht. Knüpft es doch nahtlos an das Wirken von Class Relotius an, der aus dem einstigen „Sturmgeschütz der Demokratie“ ein „Sturmgeschütz der Lügenpresse“ gemacht hat.