Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

The truth about ISIS

The Syrian Girl.
In the Middle East, nothing happens without the invisible hand of the intelligence agencies. All of a sudden, in war-torn Syria and Iraq appeared an organization called ISIS or better known as IS (Islamic State) and overrun the US-trained Iraqi army in northern Iraq and conquered large parts of both countries in a breath. Wow! Neither the omniscient National Security Agency (NSA), not to speak of their intelligence acolytes in the region, have anticipated this group. Nobody should be surprised; it's their baby. 

The Western media do not report on the real facts on the ground. They do everything to support the US government's intention to keep the "War on Terror" going. That is why, new terrorist organizations must be invented and their threat to the West must be exaggerated in order to topple the Assad regime in Syria, which is the real aim of the coalition of the willing. Especially the new Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu called in an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN for a combined effort that should lead to the overthrow of the Assad regime. Instead of arming the so-called moderate rebels in Syria, the US administration should give the weapons directly to ISIS, because there are no moderate rebels in Syria. To get some insights into the machinations of Western and Middle Eastern intelligence organizations and what's going on in Syria watch this video with "The Syrian Girl".