Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Origins of ISIS

Let's arm the "Moderates"!
Just as the Taliban ISIS came out of nowhere. The international media want to tell the public this story. The real truth, where ISIS came from is covered up. In international affairs nothing happens just like that. Everything has a cause. Especially in the Middle East where intelligence agencies are all over the place. In the background they pull strings, plan wars, killings and crimes of all kinds. The most infamous are the CIA, Mossad, the British, the Pakistani and the Saudi secret services.

The US American journalist Ben Swann sheds some light on the origins of ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in his video "Truth in Media. The Origin of ISIS". The public has a right to know about the backgrounds of the criminal undertakings of their governments and their intelligence services and how they waste the money of the taxpayers for wars and enemies they have instigated and created in the first place.

The last grotesque decision of the US government was the armament of so-called "moderates" in Syria. Everyone knows that there are not such a thing like "moderates". They are a figment of the West. The weapons they should get will eventually end up in the hands of ISIS fighters. If the Stinger missiles fall into the hands of ISIS, the West has a big problem. Al-Qaeda was created by the US as Hilary Clinton admitted in an interview, and  ISIS is a baby of the CIA and Saudi Arabia.