Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

The Martyrdom of Gaza and the Future of Palestine

Norman G. Finkelstein's lecture at Dublin's University Collage is more than worth watching. He confronts the viewers with a country and its leadership that have gone "berserk". "The conflict has reached the point of certifiable insanity." Not only the conflict has become insane but "the country itself, Israel, has gone berserk. What is this lunatic Prime Minister ... a head of state, intense to barge in our country to give his lecture on Iran. Is there somebody who thinks that Netanyahu knows something about Iran that President Obama and his advisers don't know?" A man who presents funny cartoons before the United Nations General Assembly can't be taken seriously. "This country has gotten out of control (...) I retain a hope that Israel will one day gain control over its senses." And the whole "Peace Process" has become "completely insane", too. In its latest statement, the European Union called to resume negotiations, and Finkelstein asked rightly "for what"? These so-called negotiations have been going on for 50 years. So far Finkelstein's introduction.