Montag, 2. November 2015

Syria's Fate and the Priority of Geopolitics

It's all about Geopolitics, not Human Rights!
Western European governments, especially the German one, got hung up about the Syrian refugee crisis and the victims of the Western instigated terror war against the Syrian government. Particularly, the Germans are world champions in moralizing, and they neglect the role of geopolitics in international affairs. Unlike the US Empire and its client states, the Brits, and French, that did ravage Iraq, Libya and Syria, the Germans are primarily concerned with human rights. The neo-colonial powers such as the US, Great Britain, France and their satraps like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt could not care less about human rights, which are regarded as political accessories. Rhetorically, they are talking about human rights, politically, they are destroying countries and divide them along religious and ethnic lines in order to control and dominate them. 

People, who are interested in the reality of power politics, should watch the video. People, who are interesting in moralizing, should skip it.