Dienstag, 22. November 2016

Zuckerberg, don't get hoodwinked by Media and Politicians

Don't get bamboozled by the corporate media and the political class!
Shortly after Hillary Clinton's crushing defeat, the media came up with another spin: Zuckerberg and Facebook were held responsible for her debacle! What crap! Facebook apparently carried "fake news". Didn't the media invent and promote precisely this kind of "news" to bounce Hillary over the last hurdle? It's convenient for media whores to blame everybody except themselves and Hillary's corrupt campaign organization for her defeat. Clinton labeled ordinary Americans "deplorables", displaying her contempt for half of the population. Hillary Clinton was favorite puppet of the Establishment. She was the embodiment of a hopelessly corrupt political system. And the American people realized it despite massive attempts by media presstitutes to sell her image. An estimated 95 per cent of media outlets beat the drums for her and for her husband's corrupt Clinton Foundation. 

The real reason behind the attempt to blame Zuckerberg's Facebook is, that it makes everyone (and no one) responsible. What is posted on Facebook can no longer be controlled by the media and the political class. They lost control of public opinion. Established methods of mind-control do not work any longer. The fawning media report only what they are fed by government spin-doctors. It is more comfortable for them to act like the mouthpieces of their masters. This holds true for US media, as well of the media class in the European vassal states. German media were, for example, as manipulative as those in the United States. They celebrated President Obama as the embodiment of "good America", ignoring that he waged wars during his entire presidency, incarcerated several whistleblowers and signed off extra-legal executions. But he possessed a great advantage, he was black, or if you wish, non-white. Obama was thus a non-white and smarter version of George W. Bush. Continue reading ...