Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

CIA, NSA, and the Media against Trump

Barack Obama should be indicted.
Still, US President Barack Obama is playing his last dirty game to sabotage the presidency of his successor. The alleged interferences of Russia into US elections is still unproven, despite the final briefing Trump got from the intelligence community that needed weeks to fabricate the "proof". These agencies didn't come up with hard evidence but only with a strong probability, that means still rumors. The whole intelligence report is just hot air or Obama-style rhetorical baloney. The hacking story is pretextual in order to dislodge US combat troops along the Russian border and to emplace the Russophobic US Congress against Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. By the way, how can voting machines be hacked or manipulated when they are not connected to the internet? 

That the mainstream media participate in Obama's dirty game shows that they have not assimilated Hillary Clinton's defeat. 95 per cent of the media have been in the Clinton camp and subdued all negative news about her. They were the largest creators so-called of fake news, that means not reporting of real news. It's not a surprise that the media are all hung up on the Russian hacking spin that the Obama administration created out of deep frustration about the Clinton loss. The Clinton defeat was also President Obama's personal defeat because he and the First Lady campaigned for Hillary cross country. Continue reading...