Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

Is Netanyahu going to hoodwink President Trump, too?

Will Netanyahu hoodwink also Trump as he did with Obama?
If President Trump doesn't watch out, he is going to be Netanyahu's chump, says Thomas L. Friedman from the New York Times. Trump's statements about the abstention of the latest UNSC-vote by the US and his appointments for the ambassadorship to David Friedman or his son-in-law Kushner in the White House are causing serious fears. He seems ideologically so close to Netanyahu as only the right-wing Israel settlers can be, and they are very critical of Netanyahu. 

Indeed, Obama, Kerry, not to forget Joe Biden, were Israel's best friends in Washington, not to speak of AIPAC. Obama was ridiculed time and again by Netanyahu and took it stoically. Just one month before leaving office, he showed this political bully the red-card, and Netanyahu freaked out. Obama should have done it right after he took office eight years ago. The US would have been politically better off and their ruined reputation in the Arab and Muslim world would have improved after they went on a rampage across the Middle East and ravaged several countries. Continue reading ...