Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

Pamela Geller - America's New Isamophobic "Acid Queen"

Islamophobic "Freedom Fighters"!
As in "The Who's" rock opera "Tommy", where Tommy's parents sent him to a gypsy (a self-proclaimed Acid Queen) who administered him hallucinogenic drugs in order to cure him, Pamela Geller thinks to "heal" American society with her Islamophobic hate speeches and her anti-Muslim events like that in Garland, Texas, in order to make it prone to more wars against "Islamism". The best anti-Muslim cartoon was priced 12,500 US-Dollars. Two U. S. American Muslims tried to attack this sparse event. Luckily, they were taken out by security. 

From the outset, this event perused evil intentions that were shown by the invitation of the Dutch Muslim-basher Geert Wilders, who has held the opening speech. Wilders is an icon of Muslim-bashing not only in The Netherlands. The German anti-Muslim and xenophobic "Pegida" movement also invited him to deliver his usual rant in Dresden. He often tours the US and is a welcome guest at Jewish communities and the Zionist lobby around the country. The United States have enough anti-Muslim extremists in the country, so they should refuse him the entry in order to reduce anti-Muslim incitement. 

The U. S. American Muslim communities reacted low-key to this crazy event: Each Crazy can express his opinion freely, so the tenor of their statements. But this Laissez-faire attitude can't be found at other minorities. For example, Muslims or critics of the Israeli occupation get huge difficulties as the examples of numerous university professors show that lose their jobs under pressure from the pro-Zionist lobby. This lobby never reacts coolly when it comes to Israel's enormous war crimes against Palestinians. 

The Muslim communities did everything possible not to give Geller "what she wants". The attempted attack was the "best thing" that could happen to Geller and her extremist supporters from the neoconservative and Zionist political class. The best thing to do is to ridicule these islamophobic nuts like the "Muslim" did.  In the end, the American society will repudiate instigators like Pamela Geller as they did with Joseph McCarthy.

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