Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016

Are Western Media propagandizing against Assad and Putin?

Meddling in other countries’ elections is an exciting adventure when the US is doing it! 
The one-sided Western media reporting against the Russian and the Syrian government is skyrocketing as the fall of eastern Aleppo comes to a close. Both governments are accused of committing war crimes as if the other side consists of fighting angels and not Western-supported and financed US mercenaries and terrorists. The war is presented only from the atrocities committed by Assad or the Russians. Since the so-called civil war broke out in 2011, which was initiated by the CIA and other Western and Arab intelligence agencies in order to manufacture regime change in Syria, according to the Libyan model, the Western media blame only Bashar al-Assad and later Russian President Vladimir Putin as the only evildoer. 

From day one of the instigated "uprising" against Assad, the Western public has been constantly misinformed by one-sided reporting or even fake news produced either by the CIA, the Pentagon or by a London-based public relations company, Bell Pottinger. For their fake videos and other disseminated lies, they received $ 540 million, which means that the American taxpayers have paid for being lied to by their own government. This company has already served almost every rogue state or political thug around the world. Another Western lie pretends that Assad is supposedly killing his own people. If this holds true, he would have been overthrown by his own people long ago. Why do people flee from the terrorist held areas into Assad-controlled territories, if he would kill them? If one thinks for just a moment, everybody can tip the scam. This is not a justification of the atrocities committed by the Assad regime. Continue reading ...