Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

"Time to boycott Israel?"

This unusual debate initiated by Al Jazeera in Great Britain would have been impossible in Germany, not to speak of the United States of America. In both countries, the Zionist Lobby would go bananas, and the media people would cave in and cancel the event. In the debate, Jeff Halper, an advocate of the one-state solution, could envision a removal of the settlers from occupied Palestine, "if there was a concerted will on the part of Europe and the United States to say to Israel, look, it's over, you will back to the 67 borders, period. it's doable, that's true. But this will is absolutely missing."

For Norman Finkelstein, the two-state solution is still the only solution, which has the unanimous support of all the member states of the United Nations. Even the PLO opted for it in 1988 in Algeria. "If the two-state settlement (...) is 'Wizard of Oz stuff", then one-state is 'Men on the Moon stuff'". Finkelstein was much more convincing than all his opponents taken together. The debate can be followed here.