Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Brexit the Movie

The European Union is an anonymous monster that is transforming into a new dictatorship, which makes the former Soviet Union look like peanuts. The EU parliament is the only parliament in the world, in which representatives can't propose or initiate laws, it all comes from the anti-democratic European commission. The EU parliament has no power at all. It's like the former People's Parliament of the GDR or the former parliament of the Soviet Union, the Supreme Soviet, which had more power than the EU parliament. In the EU, the real power rests with the unelected bureaucrats and the European Commission. The EU Commission constitutes the center of the EU Dictatorship. The bureaucrats and the EU commissioners act in total secrecy. The best examples are the "negotiations" of TTIP, TiSA or CETA. Should these agreements go into effect the European countries will lose the rest of their sovereignty. 

The Brexit Movie exposes the absurdity of the European project. It should be watched by everyone in Europe in order to vote against the EU. This bureaucratic dictatorship has to be dissolved immediately such as the Soviet Union. Otherwise, it will turn into a totalitarian monster that is going to abolish the last remnants of freedom in Europe. The first step should be the Brexit, followed by the Grexit. The final collapse of the entire EU is then only a matter of time.