Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Israel's Security Chiefs for a Two-State Solution

A Collage of the Newspaper Ad in the New York Times.
In a newspaper ad in the New York Times from 4 February 2016, the former top brass of the Israeli security establishment called for a two-state solution in Palestine. The ad was sponsored by the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, which is a Zionist organization with a strong pro-Israel leaning. The "rogues gallery", as Richard Falk, the renowned Professor emeritus for International Law from Princeton University, calls them, shows that a large segment of the security establishment has lost confidence in Benyamin Netanyahu.

Although the current extreme right-wing Israeli government does everything to torpedo a two-state solution, everybody knows that without the change in direction Israel proper is going to turn officially into an Apartheid state. Already in 2020, the Jewish population will be a minority (49 percent), in 2030, the number drops to 44 percent. A minority of Jews is going to rule over a Palestinian majority such as was the case with the white domination over a black majority in South Africa.

That a two-state solution is in the vital interest of the State of Israel should be a foregone conclusion, at least, to all Israelis, with the exception of the nationalistic Netanyahu government. This government is proceeding on its one-state solution path, i. e. all of Palestine will be Israel. In fact, there exists already the one-state solution: Israel is everywhere and determines everything. To secure the realm, Israel surrounds itself with a Zionist protective wall and turns itself into a "Jewish Sparta" with atomic weapons. Or serves the wall "to protect us from bestial animals that live around us", as Haaretz quoted Netanyahu saying? Historically, such entities never survived long.

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