Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

Syria: America`s next War Target

Cartoon: Carlos Latuff.
The Obama administration is preparing for a next war against another Muslim country in the Middle East. The first question arises: Cui bono? The neoconservative gang around George W. Bush decided even before 9/11 that the whole Middle East has to be stirred up, or nicely formulated, turned into Westminster-like democracies. The wars they kicked off did not go according to plan. The U. S. and its submissive allies did not only get stuck in Afghanistan but got also a bloody nose in Iraq. They had to withdraw defeated. There was no victory parade on Fifth Avenue in NYC. 

Now, the world is confronted by the next meticulously planned American war of aggression. This time the “devilish” Assad regime has to be bombed into Stone Age. The justification adduced for that blatant violation of international law is: President Assad allegedly used poison gas against his own people. The only “evidence” the US has so far invoked are “intercepted telephone calls” intercepted by various intelligence organizations! This time, even the German “Federal Intelligence Service” (BND) is among the lucky ones. The other ones are the notorious Israeli Mossad, the CIA, the French “Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure”, the British “Secret Intelligent Service” (SIS) and some minor Arab intelligence organizations. The evidence of the various intelligence services lacks credibility and cannot be verified. The alleged evidence is clearly designed to provide a pretext for war. With this kind of "evidence" President Obama and John Kerry are revenants of Colin Powell.

All of these intelligence agencies are not only heavily involved in the uprising against the Assad regime, but have actually instigated the “uprising”. They direct the so-called rebels and equip them. The CIA, Mossad and the notorious Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate (GID), better known as al-Mukhabarat, instruct the terrorist organizations in Jordan that accounts for almost 30.000 fighters. The Saudis and the Qataris are paying for the weaponry. Behind the scene, they are pushing for the overthrow of the Assad regime. The U. S. is now expected do the dirty job for these decadent Arab plutocratic regimes, which will pay for the butchering of their own brothers and sisters in Syria. It seems that the killing of another Muslim population will serve as another stimulus plan for the American military-industrial-financial complex. The Israeli government appears to hope for a regime change in Damascus, despite Islamic fundamentalists taking over power. It seems that the more chaos is created in the Middle East, the better for the geopolitical interests of the U. S. and its client states. 

However, the questionable nature of the” evidence” adduced by the various intelligence agencies does not prevent the U. S. Congress from adopting a war resolution that would give Obama a free hand for an attack against Syria. The U.S. Congress is the most trigger-happy parliament in the world. Instead, the U. S. representatives take an example in the British Parliament, which opposed the war of aggression against Syria; the U. S. representatives add even more fuel to fire. Although the attack will be limited to three months, history tells, however, that this limitation is politically motivated and cannot be complied with, if the war has begun. 

The public mood in Germany is against war with the exception of some support from the “Green Party”. The Social Democrats and the NATO-Olive-Greens made Germany again fit for war, when they supported the NATO aggression against former Yugoslavia. This time, the representative of the Green Party in the European Parliament, Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit, better know under his “nom de guerre” Danny le rouge, has called for the participation of Germany in removing the Assad regime. To this day, he is still a lone voice in the wilderness. 

The only serious ally of President Obama in Europe that supports an attack on Syria is the so-called left-wing government of France. The other “reliable” European ally is Sweden that tries to get Julian Assange extradited from Great Britain in order to pass him along to the U. S. “justice” system. The sexual allegations against Assange were filed in Sweden under apparent pressure from the United States. Maybe Obama wants to thank the Swedish government for its docile behavior in the “Assange Affaire”. From the geopolitical aspect, Sweden is not important for the U.S. 

Although the French parliament cannot constitutionally prevent President François Hollande from joining the American war of aggression, he could hardly disregard a negative vote by the “Assemblée nationale“. Why doesn’t the French National Assembly send the same message to Hollande as the British MPs did to David Cameron? The question why the U.S. Congress is still not sick of wars begs for an answer. Are Members of Congress so infatuated with their mission to bring democracy and freedom to the last corner of the world? Although the US Empire is going down the drain, it seems that members of Congress do spare neither lives nor costs to satisfy their ideological obsessions to fight against “evil”. 

The U.S. President and the U.S. Congress have no right at all to tell the world community anything about morality. To illustrate this, some examples will suffice: The dropping of atomic bombs on Japan; the contamination throughout Vietnam with "Agent Orange"; the supply of poison gas to Saddam Hussein so he could gasify not only his own population in Kurdistan, but also thousands of Iranian soldiers; the attack on Afghanistan and Iraq and the complete destruction of these countries; the use of uranium ammunition (depleted uranium) in Iraq that led to an exponential increase of abnormities and leukemia by newborns. In addition to it, the list of America's war crimes is endless. 

The international media are perhaps the largest promoters of a war against Syria. Every day they come up with new horror stories about the use of poison gas or cluster bombs by the Assad regime. The propaganda that is being spread by the insurgents is uncritically reported by allegedly responsible media. All crimes are attributed automatically to Assad. The question is not asked why Assad should have used poison gas, while bringing the UN inspectors into the country. Credible sources report that the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, (the notorious Bandar Bush), had supplied the rebels with poison gas. It seems as if only the media of the U. S. Empire believe in the fairy tale that the U. S. government and its secret services broadcast. 

Will the U. S. start another war in order to save Obama, who set down “red lines”, from embarrassment? Because the U.S. Congress appears ready for war, the world community does not seem intent to deter him from his course. Only Russia could stop him from attacking Syria. Instead of supplying Syria with the most modern weaponry, President Vladimir Putin withdrew its support, or at least, he appears to be maneuvering. He must know that if the Assad regime collapses, the next war target of the U. S. Empire will be Iran. In the end, Russia and China will be attacked, too. Both countries are already encircled by the U. S.-led NATO and the U. S. itself. Only a firm and credible deterrence can stop a next war.

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