Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016

Mossad at its Best

The Israeli infamous intelligence agency Mossad seems apparently better than its reputation. I'm thrilled by what the former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy had to say about the spy organization, Israeli politics and the behavior of its political class. Halevy is considered as hard-headed pragmatists among the usually ideologically driven Mossad chiefs. In 2002, he left the Mossad and took the chair of Israel's National Security Council. He resigned also from this post after heavy criticism by Ariel Sharon.

According to Halevy, Iran doesn't pose an existential threat to Israel. Everybody in the world knew it from the start, except Benjamin Netanyahu and his former defense minister Ehud Barak. Both wanted to attack Iran but were outmaneuvered by the former ex-chiefs of Mossad and the Shin Bet, Israel's domestic security service. According to Halevy, "Israel's existence is assured for the next 1000 years".

The former chief of the Mossad didn't know whether Israel has nuclear weapons! "In order to be head of Mossad, I don't have to be a person who knows whether we have nukes or not." He continued saying that the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli occupation regime can't be called "occupation" but "we have to offer to our enemies alternatives to violence and I think we have not been all that good in doing so".

At the end, Halevy enhanced the image of Mossad to a humanitarian live saving organization. Forgotten are all the killing and undercover terrorist operations against Iranian scientists and Palestinians around the world or the medical support of the fighters of the terror organization Al-Nusra front in Syria. By the way, Mossad cooks also coffee!