Samstag, 26. März 2016

The Occupation of the American Mind

An excellent film has just been released from the public relations war in the United States and the manipulation of the American mind by the Israeli Hasbara Ministry (Propaganda Ministry) with the massive help of the media. But anyone who waits for a media conspiracy will be thoroughly disappointed. 

The film explains why the conflict could drag on for almost seven decades, not to speak of the Zionist incursion into Palestine since the end of the 19th Century. The film makes also crystal-clear that without the massive help and support of the different U. S. governments Israel couldn't have sustained its brutal subjugation of the Palestinian people.

It's shown how sophisticated the Israeli propaganda machinery works and how the media people broadcast these half-truths or outright lies. The Israelis understand it perfectly well how to use the newest techniques and tools to get their version of the story out to the U. S. public. Their propaganda apparatus relies on a simple dichotomy: Israel is the "good guy", cherishing Western values and democracy, has the right to defend itself and has an obligation to fight the "bad guy", i. e. the dark forces of evil that are out there to destroy the only Jewish state by terrorist means and try, at the end, to kill all Jews. This Israeli propaganda garbage is eagerly absorbed by the Western opinion-makers. 

The film also makes clear that the Israeli victories in the war of 1948, which they call the war of independence, and the war of aggression of 1967 were due to its predominant military power. Israeli propaganda presents the country as the underdog (little David), who had to defend himself against a Goliath (aggressive Arabs). The movie disenchants this Israeli fairytale thoroughly. 

The U. S. media support the efforts of the Zionist Lobby in its relentless endeavor to convince the American law-makers and the public that the U. S. and Israel are sharing a common strategic interest. Nothing could be further from the truth. Israel is the biggest liability for the U. S. and has largely contributed to the bad image the U. S. has in the world.

Hopefully, the film helps that truth will prevail over falsehood. The film is a must-see.

The DVD can be purchased here and should be widely distributed.

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