Samstag, 22. August 2015

Lewis Hamilton: Great Britain's most famous "Terrorist"?

Lewis Hamilton: Britain's Formula 1 Star or Britain's most famous "Terrorist"?
Mercedes Benz top pilot and current Formula One World Championship, Lewis Hamilton, is an odd bird. He is an excellent racing-car driver but besides the race track he behaves sometimes without rhyme or reason. 

Most recently, Hamilton fired with a machine gun in all directions at a shooting range. The video is titled "target practice" (Zielübung). The Mercedes-chairman Niki Lauda told "Bild" that he would ask Hamilton to take the video immediately from the Internet. 

It seems as if Hamilton has a soft spot for guns. Last March, he published a video on Facebook that showed him shooting on the bare butt of his fitness coach, standing with his pants down in the snow. 

Perhaps, Hamilton doesn't care about his appearance in public, but Mercedes should definitely do. Could this video not serve as inspiration for Great Britain's terrorist scene? Yesterday, he video was still online, today it can no longer be watched.